The 2014 WWLCB Holiday Gift Guide

Cardinals WorkshopToday is Black Friday, so it’s the most appropriate day for me to publish my annual holiday gift giving guide.  If your gift recipients are Cardinals fans, there is a wide selection of presents you can give them (or yourself).  The question, then, is what kind of Cardinals present to give.  Hopefully, this post will help you make the right selection.  If you click on the name of the item, you’ll be taken to the web page where you can purchase the item.

The Executive (or anyone who works behind a desk):

Every office worker needs desk accessories, so why can’t they be Cardinals accessories? (Unless, of course, the place where your gift recipient works is picky about the appearance of their workers’ desks.)

Cardinals desk calendar - Every desk needs a calendar.  The calendar at this link is a daily calendar with trivia and facts.  A Cardinals desk pad calendar gives your recipient plenty of room to write down appointments and special days.

Mouse pad/pen set – Every office worker uses a computer mouse and a pen.  Give your favorite office worker’s computer mouse a Cardinals themed place to rest.

Every office worker needs somewhere to corral their pens and pencils.  This stylish pencil holder will take care of that.

You could make a nice gift basket with the daily calendar, the mouse pad/pen set, the pencil holder, and a box of Cardinals Kleenex. You can find the Cardinals Kleenex boxes at St. Louis area Wal-Marts and Schnucks stores.

The Technogeek:

Even technogeeks appreciate gifts to protect or enhance their favorite products.  Here are a few suggestions:

Cardinals iPhone 6 cell phone cover:  Your gift recipient can show their love for the Cardinals with this snazzy cell phone cover. If you don’t think your recipient won’t like this cover, you can click here to find other covers.

This cell phone holder will hold your gift recipient’s cell phone upright for easy scrolling and reading.  It can  be ordered in various sizes to fit different kinds of phones.

iPad cover -   This iPad cover has a Bluetooth keyboard and a leather cover. It is very professional looking.

The Gamer:

Some Cardinals fans not only like the game of baseball, they like other kinds of games as well.  Here’s some suggestions for the gamer, old school or new school, on your list.


Busch Stadium jigsaw puzzle.  This puzzle will while away the hours on a  cold winter night and help your recipient dream of the new season.  You can also find this at St. Louis area Wal-Marts, so you may not need to purchase it from Amazon.

Cards pool ballsFor the billiards player, a set of Cardinals billiard balls would be a great addition to their pool table. You could also purchase a Cardinals billiard ball rack and a Cardinals billiards cue stick and  case set.  If your budget is unlimited, you could also add a Cardinals pool table light.


For the video gamer, MLB The Show 14 for Play Station 4 would be the ticket.  Just make sure that your favorite gamer has the PS4 before you buy it.  If your favorite gamer has an XBox360, RBI Baseball 14 is the game to purchase.  RBI baseballl

For the Cardinals fan who has everything:

This is the person that is the hardest to shop for, isn’t it?  I have some ideas that will help you purchase the perfect present.

Insiders Club

An MLB Insiders Club membership would be a welcome gift.  The one year subscription includes the MLB Insiders Club magazine, a free All-Star Game program, a team logo blanket throw and a couple other goodies.

Winter Warm-Up passes go on sale today.  It’s a great gift for hardcore Cardinals fans and/or autograph seekers. You can go here and purchase autograph tickets for your gift recipient for their favorite Cardinals player. Autograph tickets are not on sale yet, but they will be soon.

A membership to the Baseball Hall of Fame would be an excellent gift for the long time baseball fan.  When you purchase a holiday gift subscription, you’ll receive a 75th anniversary personalized gold bat.


A subscription to the Cardinals’ magazine is an excellent gift.  The magazine has lots of color photos and great articles. There are great benefits to having a subscription, which include including eligibility for monthly giveaways of autographed memorabilia, batting practice field visits, game tickets, and popular promotional items and a reduced price on the 2015 Cardinals Yearbook.

Media guide

If you scroll down the same page where you can purchase a subscription to Cardinals magazine, you will find where you can purchase the 2014 Cardinals Yearbook, which features former Cards managers Tony La Russa and Joe Torre, and the 2014 Media Guide.  Either of these would be a great addition to the Cardinals magazine subscription.

If you have an unlimited budget, season ticket packages would make an excellent gift. (Would someone like to gift me with season tickets? Please? I’ve been a good girl this year, Santa.)

Need to do some last minute holiday shopping for your favorite Cardinals fan?  Most St. Louis area Wal-Mart, Targets, and KMarts have Cardinals items.  You can also find Cardinals apparel at Macy’s.  You can go to Busch Stadium and shop at the team store, or at the Authentics store across the street at Ballpark Village.  There are Cardinals Clubhouse stores at St. Clair Square, Union Stations, the Galleria, the South County mall and at Branson Landing in Branson, MO.  We visit the Branson location every year when we vacation in Branson.

Thanks for reading! Have a great holiday season!


Q&A with John Mozeliak

MoThe bloggers who are a part of the United Cardinals Bloggers were recently given the opportunity to ask John Mozeliak, the Cards’ general manager, one or more questions.  Mo was gracious and answered everyone’s questions (except for questions that were duplicated) in a clear and concise manner. It appeared from his answers that he really enjoyed answering our questions and that he looked forward to doing it again.  Yours truly could only come up with one question.  Maybe next time, I’ll be able to think of more than one.  Here is my question, and Mo’s answer:

What will the Cardinals management do to prevent another tragedy like Oscar Tavares’ death?  Could they start their own baseball school like Carlos Beltran’s school where not only baseball is taught, but life skills as well?  It would probably be a major investment, but since most future prospects are now coming from the Caribbean islands, it would pay off in the end.

We currently try to educate our players in our Dominican Academy.  We spend a lot of time and money having players realize the risks they take on and off the field.  Alcohol and drug awareness is one of our more common and spoken about topics.  But unfortunately in this most recent tragedy, a player had just finished a long season, was spending a week at home and unfortunately made a mistake. And it cost him his life.

Sorry I haven’t been writing much lately.  There’s been a lot going on with my family these days, which I may address on one of my other blogs soon.  Things seem to be settling down, so hopefully my writing will pick up and I’ll be posting more.  Thanks for reading!  See you next time!




RIP Oscar Tavares

Another tragic loss was dealt to the St. Louis Cardinals yesterday with the death of young Oscar Tavares. What can I say about Oscar that everyone else hasn’t already said? So much talent, so much potential, gone in a flash. His star burned out and his light of his smile was extinguished much too soon. Every action has consequences, and Oscar driving too fast for wet conditions caused his and his girlfriend’s untimely deaths.

The Cardinals may have had division winners and playoff winners, but they’ve also had their share of tragedy since 2002, when both Jack Buck and Darryl Kile died within a few days of each other. Then in 2007, Josh Hancock died in an automobile accident not far from Busch Stadium. Now the Cardinals have lost Oscar, a talented young outfielder, to the claws of Death.

These tragedies bind Cardinal Nation together. These players are like family to us. We invite them into our homes by watching them play ball on our TV screens and listen to the games on the radio. We follow them on Twitter. We miss our guys when winter comes and there is no baseball for a few months. We spend our hard earned money on tickets to Winter Warm-Up, hoping that seeing our boys of summer in person will chase our winter blues away. Some of us are fortunate enough to be able to go to spring training.

The Cards players are like our personal extended family. When something tragic happens to one of them, we grieve like we have lost an immediate family member. When we meet a fellow member of Cardinal Nation for the first time and we start to talk about the Cardinals’ tragedies, we ask, “Do you remember where you were when you heard about Oscar? About Josh? About Darryl?” It reminds me of the question that my generation asks other members, “Do you remember where you were when JFK was shot?” As for when I was when I heard that Oscar had died, we were watching the movie (ironically) God’s Not Dead. My sister-in-law called and told us that Oscar had died in an automobile accident. I hurried up and got on Facebook and Twitter to discover the horrible news was true. Everyone was in shock and was extremely sad.

When Opening Day comes next season and we look at right field without Oscar there, we will miss him all over again. We will think about his talent and his untimely death. Like the sad words from the poet John Greenleaf Whittier, “For of all sad words of tongue or pen, The saddest are these, it might have been.” What might have been? We’ll never know now.

As Oscar’s untimely death shows, your life can end at any time. Don’t miss an opportunity to tell your family and friends you love them. And think about where you will spend eternity, should your life end. There are only two choices. I pray you make the right one.


NLCS notes and observations

Only 2 games have been played in the NLCS so far and the drama has been incredible. Indeed, the whole postseason so far has been full of drama, not only for the Cards but for the other teams as well.  Most of the games have been decided by only one run.  There have been several extra-inning games, including one between the Royals and the Angels  during the ALDS that lasted 18 innings.  Despite the sweatshirts that say “Always October,” I’m so glad it isn’t always October because I don’t think my heart could take this much drama all the time.  The NLCS is all tied up and now moves to San Francisco for the next 3 games.  The Cards will have to win at least 2 out of 3.  Three out of 3 would be preferable, but I’ll take 2 out of 3.

Here’s some of my observations about the NLCS so far:

Media madness.  Please, Fox Sports 1, could you please replace Harold Reynolds?  I’d even be happy with Tim McCarver.  We wouldn’t have had to hear Harold call the Cards’ beautiful Saturday alternative uniforms “dingy.”  “Dingy,” in laundry terms, means “gray” and those uniforms are ivory.  If Harold can’t tell the difference between dingy and ivory, perhaps an eye exam is in order.  And we wouldn’t have had to hear so much gushing for the Giants.   Harold has also said things that are completely wrong.  Instead of the national broadcast guys, how about the guys that announce the games during the regular season? They know more about the teams and they wouldn’t screw things up.

Wainwright’s troubles.  Adam had a great September, winning the NL Pitcher of the Month award, but he hasn’t pitched well at all during the playoffs.  Adam says that his elbow isn’t bothering him, but the results say different.  Adam is on track to start Game 5 on Wednesday night in San Francisco.  We Cardinals fans will be holding our breath.  We will also be hoping that Matheny will have either Michael Wacha or Marco Gonzalez ready to eat up innings if necessary.

Yadi’s injury.  Poor Yadi had already been out for an extended period of time during the regular season due to the injury to his thumb, and now he’s been injured (pulled oblique muscle) during the playoffs.  Matheny must now have to decide whether to take Yadi off the NLCS roster (rendering him ineligible for the World Series roster should the Cards get that far) or leave him on the roster in the hopes that Yadi will recover.  I’m sure glad I don’t have to make that decision.  Mike put Tony Cruz in last night and that proved disastrous during the top of the ninth.  Lackey is the starting pitcher tomorrow and I’m hoping that Matheny starts Pierzynski instead of Cruz.  AJ caught Lackey in Boston, so he should know how to handle him. The Cards treaded water during the season while Yadi was on the DL, but the postseason is a different matter.  Yadi’s injury will have one of 2 effects on the team – they’ll either get their act together and “win it all for Yadi,” or they will fall apart without him behind the plate. I read tonight, however, that Yadi played catch today, so perhaps the injury is not as bad as originally thought.

Rosenthal.  Every time Rosey comes into the game in the ninth inning, Cardinals Nation (we fans, not the restaurant) holds their collective breath.  Some of us watch with our hands in front of our eyes – we can’t stand to see what may happen.  Will Rosey put men on base?  And if so, will they score?  Neshek was dealing in last night’s game – he should be been left in to finish the game.  Rosey may have been the NL leader in saves during the regular season, but if he can’t close out the game, the Cards need to find another closer.  It would be nice for Rosey to pitch a 1-2-3 inning too.

Hitting.  Thank goodness the Cards have been hitting home runs at opportune moments, or they would have been down 0-2 in the NLCS, instead of the series being tied up (and they wouldn’t have won the NLDS either).  The Cards need some regular, ordinary hits – singles, doubles, etc.  Taking a walk doesn’t hurt either.  Or, if the Cards get runners on base, they can’t get them home.  They had that problem during the regular season as well.

Now you’re probably thinking, “Wow, she’s being really hard on the Cards.”  It’s all constructive criticism, and the only reason I’m so critical is because I love the team.  I know how talented our guys are and what they’re capable of.   So come on, guys, get it together and show us you can beat the Giants.  We’re waiting impatiently until tomorrow at 3 PM CST for Round 3.

That’s all for now! Thanks as always for reading.  Go Cards!


2014 NLDS Busch Stadium games information

As I type, the Cards are playing in Game 1 of the NLDS against the Dodgers.  I love October – the cool, crisp weather, the beautiful leaves, and especially the postseason.  I, like many others. didn’t think the Cards would get to the postseason this year, but we were pleasantly surprised, weren’t we?  :)  Since the Cards didn’t get home field advantage, games 3 and 4 will be played at Busch Stadium.  Here is all the information you’ll need if you have tickets to either one of these games (wish I did!):


St. Louis Cardinals – Los Angeles Dodgers

How fans can enjoy Division Series baseball and rally support for the Cardinals

ST. LOUIS, MO (October 3, 2014) – For the second year in a row, the Cardinals clinched a Central Division championship and punched a ticket back to the National League Division Series. The Cardinals are facing the rival Los Angeles Dodgers who have home-field advantage for the best-of-five series. The Cardinals are making their fourth consecutive postseason appearance and the 27th postseason appearance in franchise history (#PostCards). A limited number of tickets remain for the Division Series games at Busch Stadium at Here are details on how fans can enjoy postseason baseball in St. Louis.


NLDS Game 1 – Friday, October 3, 2014 – Dodger Stadium – 5:37 p.m. CT (FS1)

NLDS Game 2 – Saturday, October 4, 2014 – Dodger Stadium – 8:37 p.m. CT (MLBN)

NLDS Game 3 – Monday, October 6, 2014 – Busch Stadium – 8:37 p.m. CT [OR 8:07 p.m. CT if LAA/KC is over] (FS1)

  • 4 p.m. Pre-Game Pep Rally in Ballpark Village Parking Lot and Busch II Infield
    • Music by DJ Todd Thomas, entertainment, prizes, Fredbird, Team Fredbird and more
    • Former Cardinal will make an appearance
  • Gates will open 2 hours prior to first pitch
  • 40,000 fans receive a Cardinals Rally Towel, courtesy of Edward Jones
  • Pre-Game Ceremony starts at approximately 30 minutes prior to first pitch
    • National Anthem by Four-Digit Chord, an a Capella vocal group of Civilian, Active Duty, and Retired Military volunteers employed at Department of Defense agencies in the St. Louis Metro-East area
    • Colors presented by the Joint Services Color Guard, a distinguished group of the finest military service-member volunteers attached to the US Transportation Command, Scott Air Force Base, Illinois.
    • A volunteer group of active duty and retired Coast Guard, Navy, Army, Marine and Air Force service-members assigned to federal agencies in Illinois and the St. Louis Metropolitan area will hold a large flag during the anthem
    • Cardinals broadcaster Tim McCarver will throw the ceremonial first pitch

NLDS Game 4 – Tuesday, October 7, 2014 – Busch Stadium – 4:07 p.m. CT [OR 7:37 p.m. CT if WSH/SF is over]  (FS1) *(If necessary)

  • 1 p.m. (or 4:30 p.m.) Pre-Game Pep Rally in Ballpark Village Parking Lot and Busch II Infield
    • Music by DJ Todd Thomas, entertainment, prizes, Fredbird, Team Fredbird and more
    • A former Cardinal player will make an appearance
  • Gates will open 2 hours prior to first pitch
  • 40,000 fans receive a Cardinals rally towel, courtesy of Mercy
  • National Anthem by Tess Boyer, St. Louis area native and season 6 finalist on The Voice
  • Colors presented by The United States Marines with Recruiting Station St. Louis.
  • Former Cardinals Third Baseman Scott Rolen will throw the ceremonial first pitch

NLDS Game 5 – Thursday, October 9, 2014 – Dodger Stadium – 8:07 p.m. CT [OR 7:37 p.m. CT if WSH/SF is over]    (FS1) *(If necessary)

Watching On TV

Fans can watch the Cardinals’ National League Division Series games on FOX Sports 1 or MLB Network. Saturday’s game will be televised exclusively on MLB Network (MLBN). For channel information, view the chart below, or find full directory listings at




Direct TV

219 (SD and HD)

213 (SD and HD)


150 (SD and HD)

152 (SD) and 152,9434 (HD)

AT&T U-Verse

652 (SD) and 1652 (HD)

634 (SD) and 1634 (HD)


43 and 211 (SD) and 811 (HD)

204, 80 (SD) or 804 (HD)

Radio Coverage

Fans can tune into KMOX (1120 AM) and the Cardinals Radio Network to hear Mike Shannon & John Rooney call the games. The national broadcast of most NLDS games can also be heard on ESPN Radio (101.1 FM) or SiriusXM Radio.

Social Media

Fans participating in the postseason action on social media can follow the Cardinals at, on Twitter (@Cardinals), on Instagram (@Cardinals) and Tumblr ( Join the social conversation using #PostCards.

Online Or On The Go

Fans can follow every Cardinals Postseason game for free on on their computers and laptops using Gameday. At Bat mobile application is the most popular way to follow live Cardinals games on-the-go. At Bat offers fans live radio broadcasts, replay reviews, scoreboards, statistics, video highlights, series schedules, breaking news, expert analysis and more.  Cardinals fans can download At Bat on their favorite smartphones or tablets by visiting the app store or

Driving To The Games

MoDOT has limited roadwork when the Cardinals are at home during the National League Division Playoffs. Currently, fans can expect no significant traffic impacts due to construction on Missouri interstates heading into Busch Stadium or heading home on Monday, October 6th and Tuesday, October 7th.

Alternative Transportation

MetroLink is a convenient alternative to driving, allowing fans to avoid the cost of parking and game day traffic.  To avoid the traffic congestion and the cost of parking on game day, fans can use one of 19 free Park-Ride lots along the MetroLink line and take the train to Stadium Station, right across the street from the ballpark.  Check the Metro website for schedules and the Park-Ride lot nearest you.  There are also plenty of buses in Missouri and Illinois that will get fans to Busch Stadium including the RedBird Express that departs from the Water Tower at St. Clair Square in Fairview Heights, Illinois.  The first RedBird Express leaves 2 ½ hours before the game and runs approximately every 5 minutes.

Postseason Merchandise

  • Busch Stadium Team Store: The Team Store will be open seven days a week from 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.  In addition to standard merchandise, the store will also carry exclusive postseason and Central Division Champions merchandise including hats, t-shirts, pennants, pins and more. A variety of items are also available in ladies and youth sizes. Fans can also buy official t-shirts and hoodies, just like the players wear. (#BuschStadiumTeamStore)
  •  Cardinals Authentics: Fans will want to stop by both Cardinals Authentics stores as it’s the only place to get official, game-used, limited edition and autographed Cardinals memorabilia directly from the team. Featured items include game-used baseballs, bases, and bats from the 2014 season, 2011 World Championship themed items, jerseys and hats directly from the clubhouse and one-of-a-kind autographed memorabilia. Cardinals Authentics has a variety of items to fit every budget. It is where every piece tells a story. The Cardinals Authentics Store located in Ford Plaza inside Busch Stadium is open 2 hours before game time and a half hour after the game ends. The new Cardinals Authentics Shop located in Cardinals Nation at Ballpark Village is open 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. (or an hour after the game ends) every day of the week. (#CardsAuthentics)
  • Cardinals Magazine and Cardinals Yearbook:  Celebrate the Cardinals’ return to the postseason by purchasing two NEW keepsake items at Busch Stadium. The cover story in the new edition of Cardinals Magazine focuses on Jon Jay, a driving force behind the Redbirds successful pursuit of a second consecutive N.L. Central title. Other issue highlights include a 40th anniversary celebration of Lou Brock’s record-setting 118-steal season in 1974, behind-the-scenes looks at Jon Hamm’s visit to Busch Stadium and the 2014 Cardinals Hall of Fame ceremony, a Q&A with 2013 postseason hero Michael Wacha, and the latest installment of Adam Wainwright’s journal. And the popular 2014 Official Yearbook offers the definitive tribute to the Cardinal Legacies of Hall of Famers Tony La Russa and Joe Torre and action photos and studio portraits of the 2014 Cardinals.

Cards Mag 2014 Issue 5  Cover

The magazine is $5; the yearbook is $15. Both publications are on sale at all gates, the official Busch Stadium Team Store, Cardinals Authentics inside Ballpark Village, and can also be purchased by calling 314.345.9000 or visiting (#CardsMag |  #CardsYearbook)

Cardinals Nation Restaurant & Bar

Cardinals Nation, the team’s new two-story restaurant in Ballpark Village, is rolling out a variety of new menu items and specials for the 2014 postseason.

  • Stuffed Pretzel Sticks
  • Spinach & Artichoke Dip
  • Chicken Bruschetta
  • Octoberfest Burger: Pretzel bun, fried pickles and beer mustard
  • Pie Shakes: Pumpkin, Peach or Apple Pie blended into a Vanilla Closer Shake
  • 20oz Souvenir Cardinals Nation Postseason 2014 cup: Keep your cup with every beer or upgraded soda purchase
  • New Drinks: The Red October, The 1982, Spiked Apple Cider, Fig infused Side Car, and more

CN Postseason 3

Stick around after each home game for free live music on the 2nd floor of the Cardinals Nation Restaurant. Johnny Chase will play on Monday, followed by Boogie Chyld on Tuesday.

Support Cardinals Care

Throughout the postseason, fans will have multiple opportunities to support Cardinals Care, the charitable arm of the team and organization.

  • Cardinals Care 50/50 Raffle: Fans, ages 18 and older, may play the Cardinals Care 50/50 Raffle by going to any of the six ticket kiosk locations throughout the stadium from the time gates open until the middle of the 7th inning. One lucky fan will receive 50 percent of the gross proceeds from the game’s raffle ticket donations, and the other half will benefit Cardinals Care, the team’s charitable foundation that helps children. For more info and kiosk locations, visit (#Raffle4Kids)
  • Cardinals Care Stadium Auction: Fans have the unique opportunity to bid on exclusive autographed Cardinals memorabilia at every postseason home game. The auction is a great way for fans and collectors alike to obtain specialty Cardinals items while helping support the programs that Cardinals Care provides to youth in the community. The auction tables will be located at Gate 3, Gate 1, Cardinals Club, UMB Champions Club, and in the Redbird Club.


Bag Inspections And Guest Screening Policy

Standard game-day bag inspection policies for Busch Stadium are in effect. Bags will be allowed that meet Major League Baseball’s standard size restriction (16”x16”x8”), and all bags will be inspected prior to entry.

In compliance with new Major League Baseball security procedures, Busch Stadium is phasing in the use of walk-through metal detectors at some of the entry gates this postseason. Guests will need to remove all keys, cell phones, cameras, sunglass cases and other large metal objects from their person prior to passing through the metal detectors.

Guests will be permitted to bring small personal cameras as long as they do not obstruct other guest’s view and will be subject to inspection.  No professional-sized photography equipment will be allowed except for members of the media with proper MLB Postseason credentials.

Non-alcoholic beverages such as water & soda in open cups or in clear plastic bottles no larger than 2 liters are allowed.

Alcohol, bottles, cans, thermoses, hard-sided coolers; hard plastic cups/mugs are not permitted.

Small banners and signs are allowed. Banners may be displayed as long as they do not hinder or interfere with a ball in play or distract or interfere with the view of another guest. Banners may not be displayed in fair territory, be obscene or in poor taste, attract abuse or cause a disturbance among other guests. They should be baseball-oriented and not commercial in nature.

Please minimize items you bring into the stadium to speed up the inspection process. 

Expect long lines upon entry and allow yourself plenty of time to go through the inspection process. 

Exit/Re-entry Policy

A new exit/re-entry policy will be in effect for the 2014 postseason. Exit/re-entry will only be allowed starting at game time and extending through the end of the 7th inning. Guests wishing to leave the stadium, but planning to return during the same game must have their hand and ticket stamped at Gate 4 only as they exit the stadium. Guests will also receive a re-entry card which they must show with their stamped ticket and stamped hand upon re-entry. Inspection and Guest Screening policy will also be enforced.

No Smoking Policy

Standard Busch Stadium Smoking Policy is in effect.  Busch Stadium is a smoke-free facility. Exit/re-Entry turnstiles will be set up at Gate 4 to allow fans access in and out of the stadium if they wish to smoke. Guests must have their hand and ticket stamped at Gate 4 as they exit the stadium. Guests will also receive a re-entry card which they must show with their stamped ticket and stamped hand upon re-entry. Inspection and Guest Screening policy will also be enforced.

Clark Street Access

Access to Clark Street between the Stadium and Ballpark Village will be restricted to ticket holders only from 4 hours prior to game time until the end of the game.  All guests entering the Stadium through Gates 4 and 5 will need to show their ticket at the Clark Street Access Locations.  Any non-ticketed guests who wish to get to the Ballpark Village and the Busch II Infield will need to do so from the north entrances.


  • The Cardinals completed their 123rd season of play in the National League with an 90-72 mark, winning the N.L. Central for the 10th time and for the 2nd consecutive season, as they qualified for the postseason for a 4th consecutive season – the 1st time in franchise history to have done so.
  • The Cardinals won 51 home games, tying Washington & Pittsburgh for the top mark in the N.L. The Cardinals have won an N.L.-best 436 home games since moving into Busch Stadium III in 2006.
  • The Cardinals put together the 74th winning season (+.500) in franchise history. The Cardinals have now compiled seven consecutive winning seasons, doing so for the 3rd time in franchise history.
  • The Cardinals were never swept in a series of three or more games, their 1st season since 2005 to have done so.
  • The Cardinals posted a Major League-leading 23 shutout victories, their most since posting a club record 30 in 1968. It was also the first since time 1968 (31%) that 25% or more of their victories came via shutouts.
  • The Cardinals were 32-23 in games decided by just one run in 2014. Those 32 wins in one-run games were their most since 1992 (34-31) and their 55 one-run games were their most since 1998 (58; 28-30).
  • The Cardinals won a franchise-best five games this season when collecting 4 hits or less and their 11 wins with 5 hits or fewer was also a club record.
  • Cardinals starting pitchers had a Major League co-leading 22 starts (also Washington) in which they worked 7 or more scoreless innings, their most since doing so in a club record 29 games in 1968.
  • Mike Matheny is the first manager in St. Louis Cardinals history to take his team to the postseason in each of his first three full seasons. He’s only the 5th manager all-time to have done so, joining Ron Gardenhire (2002-04), Larry Dierker (1997-99), Ralph Houk (1961-63) and Hughie Jennings (1907-09).

That’s all for now!  Now to watch the game some more.  Go Cards!


Down to the wire

Down to the WireThe regular baseball season is almost over.  After the regular season is over, the postseason begins, which is my second favorite season of the year – after the Christmas season, that is.

On Sunday, the Cards mathematically won a wild card berth, but there is still a chance for the Cards to win the NL Central. As of today, the Cards’ magic number is 4.  Any combination of Cards wins/Pirates losses that add up to 4 will allow the Cards to win the division.

The Pirates clinched a playoff berth last night, after which the MLB Twitter account gloated that it was the Bucs’ second appearance in the playoffs in a row.  Whoopee.  The Cards are going to the playoffs for the fourth year in a row.  And Clint Hurdle (the Pirates’ manager) is really annoying me with his “team of destiny” stuff.  The 2011 Cards – now that was a team of destiny.  The 2014 Pirates?  Not so much.

The Cards will have to get it together and win the next 4 games if they want to win the division. We can’t count on the other teams to beat the Pirates.  It would be nice for the Cards to get into the playoffs by winning the division, rather than sneaking into the playoffs via the wild card.

Hopefully everyone is now over the stomach bug that laid low most of the clubhouse this last week (Mr. DeWitt, please have the cleaning crew stock up on Lysol), and the Cards will be ready to take the last 4 games of the season. Boys, just remember to hit, move the players around the base paths in any way possible, and score more runs that the other teams – in other words, fundamental baseball. And don’t swing at the first pitch!

Speaking of the playoffs, the Cardinals announced today that tickets for NLCS games will go on sale tomorrow and registration for the opportunity to purchase World Series tickets starts Friday.  Here’s the details on that:


Tickets for potential NLCS games on sale tomorrow; registration for World Series tickets begins Friday

ST. LOUIS, MO (September 24, 2014) – After securing a postseason berth for the fourth straight season, the St. Louis Cardinals are announcing ticketing details for potential National League Championship Series (NLCS) and World Series games. 

Tickets for potential NLCS games go on sale tomorrow, Thursday, September 25th at 10 a.m. CT. online at, via phone at 314.345.9000, and at the Busch Stadium ticket windows on 8th Street.

Due to high demand, the Cardinals will host an online registration for the opportunity to purchase potential World Series tickets. Online registration for the chance to purchase possible Cardinals World Series tickets begins on Friday, September 26th and concludes on Monday, October 6th. Winners of the random drawing will be contacted via e-mail on Friday, October 10th and notified of the process for purchasing World Series tickets.

Based on the final standings, the Cardinals could host up to four NLCS games. Due to the American League’s win in the All-Star Game, potential World Series games in St. Louis would be Games 3, 4 and 5.

Tickets for possible Wild Card and National League Division Series games are also on sale now.

Complete details and rules for the random drawing and purchases are available at

That’s all for now!  Watch this weekend for a blog post of my top 5 Cardinals prospects!  See you next time!


Cardinals wild card and division series playoff tickets go on sale tomorrow!

Things are finally looking up for the Cardinals.  They’ve been in first place since Labor Day.  The Brewers and the Reds are sinking fast in the standings.  The hitting is is hot.  And the Cardinals are getting hot at the right time – September.  The magic number to win the NL Central is 15 and to that end, the Cardinals announced today that wild card and division series playoff tickets will be going on sale tomorrow morning at 10 AM.  So get out your credit cards!  Here’s the details:


Tickets for potential Wild Card and three NL Division Series games on sale this Thursday

ST. LOUIS, MO (September 10, 2014) –As postseason play approaches, tickets for potential Cardinals Wild Card and Division Series games will go on sale Thursday, September 11th at 10 a.m. CT.

Based on the final standings, the Cardinals could host one wild ccard game and as many as three home games in the National League Division Series (NLDS).  

Tickets for all potential wild card and NLDS games will be available tomorrow at, via phone at 314.345.9000, and at the Busch Stadium ticket windows on 8th Street.

Ticketing details for possible National League Championship Series (NLCS) games and World Series games will be announced later in September.

Announcements regarding potential tiebreaker game ticket availability and public purchase will come at a later date, if necessary.

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My Cardinals Hall of Fame and Museum visit

Hall of Fame Museum 090At the blogger event in April, the Cardinals were gracious enough to gift each blogger with 4 comp tickets to the Cardinals Hall of Fame and Museum. Like most folks, our lives are busy, and we finally got around to use those comp tickets on Saturday (8/23/14).  Our family consists of only me, my husband and my son, so we had an extra ticket.  I asked a friend of mine to go with us to the museum and she was very excited.  We decided to go when the museum first opened so it wouldn’t be crowded and before it got too hot. I was interested to see if any of the suggestions I made in for the museum in my blog post last summer had been implemented.  The museum opens at 10 a.m. daily and closes at 8 p.m., except on game nights, when it closes after the seventh inning.

While we waited for the doors of Cardinals Nation to be unlocked, we watched a yoga class taking place on the grass at the Busch Stadium II replica. It was in the 80’s already at 10 AM and I was sure glad I wasn’t on on the field.  After the doors were unlocked, we rode the elevator to the second floor, where the museum is located.

The photo above is of the floor when you get off the elevator. Directly across from the elevator are the Hall of Fame plaques.  These can be viewed for free at any time when Cardinals Nation is open.  Here’s a photo of all the plaques:

Hall of Fame Museum 004

And here are the plaques of the 2014 Hall of Fame class:

Hall of Fame Museum 001

There is a video screen that you can press to learn more about any of the players on the plaques.  After viewing the plaques, there were 2 displays of uniforms and mementos from the four new members of the Hall of Fame.  We then went up to the desk and I turned in our comp tickets.  I mentioned that I was a Cardinals blogger and received the comp tickets at the blogger event.  The man at the desk asked me the name of my blog.  I told him to Google “Women Who Love Cardinals Baseball” – when you do that, this blog is the first entry on the Google search results.  I don’t know how this blog got on the top of the search results, but I’m not unhappy about it.  The guy pulled up the blog and started reading from it.  When I pulled out my camera, I was told that I couldn’t use flash.  I had to play around with my camera to turn the flash off.

When you enter the museum, there is a short video for you to watch.  The wall to the right of the video screen contains famous quotes from Cardinals players.  You then enter the Sportsman’s Park part of the museum.  There were several displays with uniforms and mementos from that period.  Here’s a photo of one of the displays:

Hall of Fame Museum 014

There is an extensive Stan Musial display in the Sportsman’s Park part of the museum.  It has 3 display cases, and two of the display cases had drawers that could be opened that had mementos inside.  If my friend hadn’t spotted the label that looked like a baseball that said, “Look here!,” we would have missed the drawers all together.  Here are 2 photos of part of the Stan Musial display:

Hall of Fame Museum 020Hall of Fame Museum 023

After the Sportsman’s Park section, we entered the Changing Exhibit part of the museum.  This section had displays of Cardinals pennants from years past.  Here’s a photo of one of the display cases:

Hall of Fame Museum 040

Before we moved on to the next section of the museum, Phil and I went into the Broadcast Booth to select a Cardinals moment we would like to broadcast.  You can select from 6 moments.  I selected the David Freese walk off home run from Game 6 of the 2011 World Series.  You sat in front of an old time desk microphone and you could make up your own play-by-play. I would have paid extra for a recording of my play-by-play.  A Cubs fan (why are you at the Cardinals’ museum?  Do you want to be converted?) said she heard my play-by-play and she said it was really good.  Here’s Phil in the Broadcast Booth:

Hall of Fame Museum 036

After this, we entered the Championship Gallery.  This part of the museum spotlights the World Series championships that the Cardinals have won.  Each case had a jersey and other mementos of that year’s World Series.  There was also a display for the 2013 NLCS. Here’s a photo of three of the displays:

Hall of Fame Museum 030

After we left the Championship Gallery, we went on to the Busch Stadium II part of the museum.  The display cases in this part of the museum covered each decade that Busch II was open.  Here’s a photo of one of the display cases:

Hall of Fame Museum 046

Before we left the Busch 2 part of the museum, Phil and I went to the Holding History section and had our photos taken with two famous players’ bats.  Phil selected Matt Holliday’s bat and I selected Stan Musial’s bat. We had to wear plastic gloves to handle the bats.  If you take your batting gloves, I wonder whether they would let you wear them instead of the plastic gloves?  Here’s a photo of Phil:

Hall of Fame Museum 050

And no, I will not post my photo with Stan’s bat.  After we left there, we went into the Look at the Cardinals section of the museum. There were display cases in this section of the museum that displayed the evolution of the Cardinals’ jerseys.  Here’s a photo of one of the display cases:

Hall of Fame Museum 064

After we left that section of the museum, we entered the Busch Stadium III portion of the museum.  There were several interesting displays in this section of the museum.  There was a section devoted to the Cardinals’ managers.  In this section.  you could select a video to watch in which certain managers discussed how they handled certain plays.  There were four display cases with certain managers’ jerseys and mementos.  Here’s a photo of one of the displays:

Hall of Fame Museum 073

There was a video to watch in this section.  There was also a model of Busch 3, as well as an interactive display where you can learn more about any of the current Cardinals.

After we left the Busch 3 section of the museum, we entered the Cardinals Nation section of the museum.  In this section of the museum is an interactive video board with a map where you can tag where you live and it’s then added to the map.  There is also a display of all time leaders in various categories – strikeouts, ERA, etc. There are display cases of baseball cards, bobbleheads, and special baseballs. We then exited the museum, which took us back out in front of the Hall of Fame plaques. My friend and I engaged the lady at the desk in conversation on our way out with our suggestion for a free standing sign pointing out the drawers.

Here are my suggestions should you decide to visit the museum.  Allow plenty of time to view the museum.  There was a lot of reading  on the display cases.  You can take as many photos as you like, but you need to turn the flash off on your camera.  Bring batting gloves if you have them for the Holding History part of the museum.  Wear comfy shoes – there are a few seating areas, but you will be standing up to view the display cases and there is a lot of walking.

Here are my suggestions for improvements for the museum.  There needs to be a docent in the Sportsman’s Park area and a docent in the Busch II area.  There could be costumed characters giving presentations (How about Helene Britton?  I could write the script and act the part – I took an acting class in college.).  There should be freestanding signs or signs hanging down from the ceiling pointing to the drawers with exhibits. You could pay extra for a CD or an MP3 of the play-by-play you create in the Broadcast Booth.   I wished I had a map showing the various areas of the museum, like the diagram below, which was taken from the museum web page.  There should be a tri-fold brochure promoting the HOF and museum with a map inside.  The front page would have the logo, hours and location. The right hand flap could list the areas of the museum.  The map would be on the inside.  The back center flap would contain instructions like no camera flash, no recording the videos, don’t forget to look in the drawers, don’t touch the glass, etc.  The tri-fold brochure would be available at the museum front desk, at both Cardinals Authentics stores, the team store and the team administrative offices.  It could also be made available at local hotels for tourists and the St. Louis Visitors and Convention Bureau to be sent to tourists requesting information about St. Louis attractions. Also, the museum could use a Facebook page for important announcements.

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading!  See you next time!


And here’s the starting lineup (of Cardinals blogs)

lineup cardBelieve it or not, this blog is not the only Cardinals blog in cyberspace.  There are many other Cardinals blogs out there which you may or may not have heard of or even read.  As you know, this blog is a member of the United Cardinals Blogger network, and the UCB project for this month is to create a lineup of Cardinals blogs. We had the choice of just doing a starting lineup or a 25-man (or woman) lineup.  I chose the starting lineup option, with a few additions.  Here are my choices:

Pitcher: I70 Baseball  It’s okay that the Cards’ cross-state rivals the Royals are also covered by this blog, which is written by Bill Ivie and friends.  There is lots of good Cardinals information here as well.  The graphics are nice and you can even buy tickets at this blog.

Catcher:  Retrosimba. If you love Cardinals history like I do, Mark Tomasik’s blog is the one to read.  Not only does he post history, he uses it to compare to current players.  Ted Simmons, one of the Cardinals’ best catchers ever, was Simba long before there was a Lion King, so there’s a good reason Retrosimba belons in this position.

First base:  MLBVoice.  This blog is a lot of fun, with lots of graphics, lots of colors and enthusiastic writing.  Mary Clausen brings the fun to Cardinals baseball, but there’s good information here as well.  Mary and I hang out at the Cardinals blogger events, and she’s just as fun in person as she is on her blog.

Second base:   Red Cleat Diaries.  Being a baseball blogger who is a woman, I am fond of other baseball blogs written by women.  Marilyn Green appears to have been a baseball fan as long as I have, and she tells it like it is.  I also really like the red cleats background on the blog. :)

Third base:  Cardinals Farm.  If you’re interested in what’s going on with the minor league Cardinals teams. this is the blog for you.  Corey Rudd and his other writers post all of the minor league news you need to keep up.  The blog has a nice clean layout and I don’t have to enlarge the font to read it, which is great if you’re getting old like me.

Shortstop:  Fungoes.  If you love sabermetrics and stats, this is the blog for you.  Math was my worst subject in school, but Matt Philip takes numbers and actually makes them interesting.


View from the Cheap Seats. Not only can you read Scott Wuerz’s blog online, but you can read it in print form as well in the Belleville News-Democrat. (Yes, I am a subscriber, in case you were wondering.)  Scott tells it like it is and doesn’t mince words. How refreshing!

Cardinals GM. This blog is a one stop blog with Cardinals news, minor league news and sabermetrics.  Tom Knuppel was the first blogger who befriended me at the first Social Media night I attended at Busch Stadium back in May 2011.  That seems like forever ago.

Redbird Rants. This blog has lots of nice color photos, large fonts (thanks, Dan Solzman), and well written articles.  It deserves a place on your reading list.  And they’re looking for writers, so if you think you’ve got what it takes, find the post with all the details.

Relief pitcher:  Aaron Miles’ Fastball.  Aaron Miles once pitched in relief for the Cardinals, so this blog was a natural choice for the relief pitcher position. Blog posts are written mostly by Christine Coleman, with an occasional post by Miranda Remaklus.  Christine and Miranda have a real love for Cardinals baseball, and it shows in their writing.  And if you love poetry, you will occasionally find a post on this blog with poetry.

Closer: By Gosh, It’s Langosch, Jenifer Langosch blogs for the Cardinals.  She’s on top of all the happenings with the team and reports on them promptly and thoroughly. Jenifer also takes inbox questions, which is nice.

Manager: C70 at the Bat. Daniel Shoptaw, who was the founder of this blog. is the head honcho of the United Cardinals Bloggers so his blog fits this position.  Dan posts at Cardinals Conclave these days.  This is the first Cardinals blog that I ever read, so it has sentimental meaning for me.

Coaches:  Cardinals Conclave.  This blog is an umbrella blog, with 11 different Cardinals bloggers taking roost there (pardon the pun).  Each blogger at Cardinals Conclave has a unique voice and a unique outlook on all things Cardinals.

You can visit these blogs by clicking on their names. I’m sure the writers would be extremely happy if you followed their blogs.  If you’re a blogger yourself and your blog is on the Blogger platform, you can add the blog to your reading list.  If your blog is on WordPress (like this one), you can subscribe to it.  If you would like to follow this blog, look at the right hand column and you will find a place where you can subscribe to this blog by email. I’m always excited when I get the email that someone new is following my blog – it means someone is actually reading my work. Many of these other blogs should also have a place where you can subscribe by email. And if you’re old school, you can add a blog to your RSS feed.

That’s all for now!  As always, thanks for reading! See you next time!


Extra! Extra! Read all about it! A digital version of the Media Guide now available

The St. Louis Cardinals’ Media Guide, which has statistics, facts, and information about the team, management, coaches and team history, is published by the Cardinals every year. For the baseball fan, the Media Guide is like the team’s Encyclopedia Britannica. The Media Guide is available for purchase only at the team store at Busch Stadium, at the gates of Busch Stadium where scorecards are sold or online at

The print edition of the media guide has 400 pages, which makes it a little hard to carry around.  Following in the footsteps of Cardinals magazine, the Media Guide is now available in a digital edition for the first time. The Cardinals graciously provided each of the United Cardinals Bloggers blogs with a free digital copy of the Media Guide for our review and for us to publicize.

The digital edition of the media guide is offered through Zinio. Zinio has an app for iPhone, Android, iPad, and Windows 8 to use to view the digital edition. I do have an Android phone, but my phone does not support the Zinio app – I guess my phone is too old. Honey, if you’re reading this, I need a new smart phone. I do have a Kindle Fire HD, and I wish that there was a Zinio app for the Kindle Fire. Those videos and photos in the digital edition would look great in HD. I would probably be able to “pinch” the screen to make the font bigger. I can access the digital edition through the Internet. You should also make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat on your computer.

If you’re using a browser, you can enlarge the digital edition to full screen for easier viewing. Buttons to turn the pages are conveniently located at the bottom right corner of the screen. The digital edition contains videos that obviously are not available in a print edition. The videos are easy to find – they’re located where you see the flashing play button. There are also photo galleries and extra historical information that are not available in the print edition. If you don’t want to scroll through the whole book, you can go to the table of contents and click on a title, and the page will come up.

The price of the digital edition of the media guide is only $10.00, which is a steal when you consider all the information it contains. The only drawback I can see is that you can only access the digital edition when you have an Internet connection. I can see wanting to use the digital edition while you’re at a Cardinals game. Busch Stadium has spotty 3G access, which I know about from personal experience. I also see folks complain about the bad 3G access at Busch Stadium on Twitter. The digital edition should be an e-book that you can access without having an Internet connection. Once you purchase the digital edition, it could be emailed to you and then you could download it to your desktop. You could open the email on a mobile device and save the attachment to the desktop for offline viewing. This would allow me to view the media guide using my Kindle Fire. The digital media guide could also be offered directly through Amazon, allowing me and other Kindle Fire users to directly download the media guide straight to our Kindles or to view using the Kindle app on other devices. The Kindle version could be priced a little higher (like $5.00 more, maybe) so that Amazon could make a little money on the deal.

Now that I’ve piqued your interest in the digital edition of the media guide, here’s the information you need to purchase it:

Ultimate Insiders Resource With Bonus Digital Content Available on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android Devices

ST. LOUIS, MO, August 6, 2014 – The St. Louis Cardinals announced that fans can now own a special digital edition of the team’s 2014 Media Guide, the ultimate insider’s resource relied upon by media members, baseball executives and scouts that has become an annual must‐own fan collectible.

“For more than half a century the annual Cardinals Media Guide has been the best and most comprehensive book about the team,” said Melody Yount, Manager of Communications. “We are proud to offer this special, first‐time digital edition of the storied publication with bonus content that takes full advantage of the digital platform.”

Published annually since the 1950s, the Cardinals annual media guide was created to provide media with accurate, detailed information about the team to help provide historical context to current achievements on the field.

Containing stats, photos and biographies of every player in the entire Cardinals organization, along with the definitive history of the club since its inception, the digital edition of the Media Guide is packed with photos, videos and exclusive content unavailable elsewhere.

“We really wanted to take advantage of all that a digital platform has to offer,” said Ron Watermon, VP of Communications. “The guide includes dozens of high quality photos from the team’s talented photographers, as well as several videos from the Cardinals great video production crew.”

The digital guide includes “The Cardinals Way,” a special video developed to greet guests to the Cardinals Hall of Fame and Museum at Cardinals Nation in Ballpark Village. The digital edition of the media guide is the only place other than the museum that fans can see this video. The digital edition also includes a special section about team history that is unavailable within the 400 page printed edition.

The special digital edition may be downloaded on Mac and PC computers, as well as a variety of popular mobile device platforms including Android‐based tablets and smart phones, and Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices at a cost of $10 at The Cardinals are just the second team in Major League baseball to offer a digital Media Guide.

Fans can also purchase the printed version of the 2014 Media Guide for $20 at, the Team Store inside Busch Stadium, at each gate where scorecards are sold, at the Cardinals Authentics Shop in Cardinals Nation at Ballpark Village and by phone at 314‐345‐9000.

That’s all for now!  Thanks for reading!  See you next time!



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